The Prettiest Lie

Your life is going to change – how many times was that prediction offered in one form or another during my wife’s

The Hairdresser’s Daughter

Larger-than-life beauty shops may occupy the Hollywood set, but in South Philadelphia , it’s all about getting real. And there’s no better


It was Friday afternoon. We had been throwing around the Frisbee, but the collars of our Oxford-cloth shirts were already sweat-soaked, and

Over Five Foot

My size defines me. My circle of friends consists of the New Yorker, the Chemist, the Chesty One, the Red Head….and me,


Harry is home now. He slipped in on a perfect spring afternoon while hundreds of thin yellow ribbons fluttered like tinsel on

Pierce Street

I first see the cat on my way out to the Super Fresh to pick up Portobello mushrooms. He’s lying on the

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