Little Red Riding Hood sprang out of her bed at precisely 7:00 a.m. when the sky was still streaked with pale peachy pink and yellow, 跑过她的早餐, 拿了个装着山核桃派的篮子, 牛奶, and one loaf of fennel bread and ran halfway out of the door before her mother grabbed her hood. “Little Red Riding Hood,” her mother began slowly. “Be very sure not to stray from the trail and never talk to strangers!”

“Don’t be ill at ease, mother, I am only going to grandmother’s farm!” Replied Little Red Riding Hood with a smile on her face like bread and spread.

The forest trees let in a limited amount of light because of their condensed branches and leaves, 使森林变冷. At about a quarter of the way, the sun melted and slowly touched the vastness of farmland and 房子. A sliver of butter on top of overlapping mounds of pancakes. 经过三十分钟不间断的步行, Little Red Riding Hood sat down in a patch of dried grass near an old maple tree. Little Red Riding Hood soon began to yearn for something to consume considering she didn’t have breakfast. She removed the checkered cloth covering the basket and began by eating the pie. “ I’m sure grandmother wouldn’t mind if I ate some of her pie. When I get over to her farm, I’ll bake another pie for her with fresher ingredients. After eating the pie her mouth became dry from the pecans, 她看了看牛奶, 篮子里唯一的饮料.

“Grandmother has a farm with lots of cows soooo…” Little Red Riding Hood said to herself. “I’m sure she won’t mind me taking a few sips,” she said, opening the top. And in no longer than one short minute, the whole carton of 牛奶 was empty. 每一滴都流进了她的喉咙.

After drinking a large quantity of 牛奶, her stomach felt chafed. “Mother says that fennel bread helps ease a sore stomach.所以说到这里, 她拿出面包,把它掰成两半, 在森林中发出嘎吱嘎吱的声音.

After taking a few immense bites, Little Red Riding Hood heard the snapping of twigs and branches. 那声音越来越近……越来越近……直到, 最后, 让小红帽大吃一惊, 一只狐狸从大灌木丛中跳了出来. He picked out a few thorns and leaves off of himself, and straightened out his glossy coat with his small grubby fingers.

“下午好,小姐!它说着,用爪子梳着尾巴. 她忘记了母亲的话, 尽量不要表现得太粗鲁, 小红帽回答说:“下午好.” “Say,狐狸说 rubbing his paws together “What is that you got in that basket?”

“I was going to my grandma’s farm to bring her pie, 牛奶, and bread.她舔着油腻的手指回答. “一个农场? 在哪里?他急切地说。. “在山顶上. 这是很难忽略的.她说着,把最后一点面包放了进去. “But…” Little Red Riding Hood began tilting her head down at the basket, “I ate most of it.”

“Well, I just happen to be holding all of the aces.狐狸说. “I know a market that sells all of those things, and all you have to do is lend me your hood.小红帽想了一会儿. 他看起来不错, and the chicken coop has a metal screen at the entrance, 整个农场用篱笆围起来了. 有什么可能出错呢? 她取下兜帽. “好吧,但是不要耍花招或作弊.” She said leading the way to the town in which her grandmother lived.

After twenty minutes of darkness and shivering, they 最后 reached the town. A sweet, promising, and no doubt familiar smell filled the air from the markets. “我祖母的房子就在那边.她指着它说. 狐狸在镇上巡视了一会儿. “If you don’t mind, I will be going to that market I was talking about,狐狸说 running away.

Being a kind and well raised child, little Red Riding Hood purchased a pistachio pie. “I feel I must repay that fox for all the good things he is doing for me.走了很长一段路,经过了农场, 房子, 和商店, Little Red Riding Hood managed to make it to her grandmother’s house in time for supper. “奶奶! 我在这里。”她喊道. “I’m coming Little Red Riding Hood” said her grandmother. 她打开门. “请进! 晚饭在桌子上.”

Little Red Riding Hood set down her basket on the kitchen counter, and sat down to eat. 在他们完成之后, they had warm tea and a short chat that was interrupted by a knock at the door. “你介意去接电话吗??” said her grandmother pouring more tea into her cup. Little Red Riding Hood got up and opened the door. Before she could pay respect to the fox, he jammed a cloth bag into her arms. “I just remembered that I have to be somewhere and I can’t be late狐狸说 panting. “Well,” said Little Red Riding Hood beginning to run into the kitchen. “至少拿着这个.她说着把馅饼递给了他. 狐狸回头看了看说:“谢谢你。. “随时都可以回来!” She called out to him as he ran towards the forest, not noticing he had snached up a lamb. Little Red Riding Hood looked inside the warm cloth, to see what he was promised. 那气味吸引了她祖母过来. “我去泡点茶.” Said the grandma pointing to the slices of pie.

While Little Red Riding Hood was putting on her hood and her grandmother was making tea, a small group of men with pitchforks and ropes had marched up to the front of the hill. “That’s the thief with the Red Hood that stole from our market!” One of the men shouted raising his pitchfork. “偷了? 荒谬! 废话!小红帽叫道.

While Little Red Riding Hood was arguing back and forth with the angry men, the fox was enjoying multiple slices of pistachio pie and lamb by a warm fire.




马特史密斯 is a sixth grader at the Miquon School and enjoys writing fiction. She lives in Germantown with her parents and siblings. She prefers to pass her time by reading, writing, and hiking. Some of her favorite books are Stories and Poems for Extremely Intelligent Children of All Ages, written by Harold Bloom; The Invention of Hugo Cabret, written by Brian Selznick; Wonderstruck, written by Brian Selznick; The Marvels, written by Brian Selznick; and the Wings of Fire Series, Tui T. 萨瑟兰. 她喜欢编故事、做饭和画画.